Episode 7

The Importance of Sharing Your Story

In this episode Derek and Britney jump on to share the importance of healing through sharing your story. Britney opens up about how she's found healing in her own recovery through sharing her story over time and now how that process is helping others.

Everything we do behind the Choose RCVRY brand is about sharing stories of change. Even though we're just making apparel, our aim is to help empower people to better share their stories of hope with the world!

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Choose RCVRY spreads awareness and hope for addiction recovery. Follow God. Rewrite the Story. Never Give Up. Make a Difference. We all together are Choose RCVRY.

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Choose RCVRY

Choose RCVRY is an apparel brand raising awareness and spreading hope for addiction recovery. But we are more than another lifestyle apparel brand. We push forward a mission of life and death. We seek to shed light on the need for recovery and support recovery efforts by donating a portion of every purchase to recovery efforts.
Every design we release is crafted to help you represent and share your own story with the world around you.
Around Choose RCVRY we like to emphasize following God, rewriting the story, never giving up, and making a difference.
Truly we all together are Choose RCVRY.